Monday, February 9, 2009

Snapshots of January (And a Few Late Entries From December)

Mimi, Poppie, & the kids.... Mario is standing in for Robert!

Gabi (Megan's youngest)....Lydia got a cool new Photo Editing program & she can do all sorts of color shading tricks. I hope she has enough pictures to practice on!!! :-)

Raymond & Jenny... lookin' good... compliments of Mimi & Poppie

Lisa & Lori

Lisa & Lori enjoying some camera time!!!

Gracie enjoying cookies & sprinkles... oh the simple things in life!

Damion, this pic is just for you. The blog has more than pics of grandbabies... it has you, too!! lol

Cooper & Keaton trying to get past the "stair baricade"

Connor (Jessica's 2nd) as his alter ego

Jessica's princess, Caroline, posing while the other kids play "war"

Keaton (Jessica's youngest) chillin' with Auntie Em (Lori's youngest)

Catherine (Jessica's 3rd) and her alter ego.... a ninja

Lori's wild grandkids after celebrating Austin & Caroline's b-day!

Jessica's youngest, Keaton, looking for a place to call her own! (Good luck with that!)

The effects of Target on a 1 yr old.....(This is Jessica's youngest, Keaton)

Keaton again...

Caroline's homemade b-day cake!!! Go Jessica & David with your bad baking skills!

Jessica's third, Catherine.... she means business

Jessica's oldest, Caroline! (Now 8 yrs old)

Butch giving "golf lessons" to Ryan...

More lessons on the green.....

This is a snapshot of the river (outside Chicago) where Jenny's husband, Corey, was working....

Another look at Corey's office!

Corey working hard!!! :-)

Cameron and her big, bright smile!

Jenny & Corey's pride & joy... Miss Cameron

Lolli (aka Leslie) was trying to capture a shot, but Cameron wanted her eyes closed for this one!!

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  1. Love those pictures of Cameron. She is really getting to have a cute personality that comes through in her pictures. Does she get it directly from her dad --- he is just as adorable doing his "snow angel". "Twas interesting to see all the ice he is working in --- & remember that this is where Robert & Beth are, too. Long live the South!!