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January... A Month of Gates, Doorways, & Beginnings

In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus) was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnants in modern culture are his namesakes: the month of JANUARY, which begins the new year. January for the Poche's was full of new beginnings and many moments of excitement..... Here are a few tidbits.

Under Raymond's Roof
Kelly & Mario celebrated their two month anniversary!
Bart is still enjoying Texas instead of New York this year... we think!
Claire returned to Med School in Houston.... hang in there, Claire! Keep your eyes on the prize - that degree!

Robert's Rockin' World
Here is an update from Michael & Steph's brood (Thanks, Steph):
Hello to All,
We are still awaiting Michael's return, he is expected to be here around the 14th. Michael mentioned to me today in an email that he was going to receive his Bronze Star today and meet up with Daniel...That actually was the entire e-mail. I hope the two of them get a chance to get together. Okay so the things that happened in this last month... Kaley has started receiving phone calls from friends, Mari Katherine continues to ask me why Mommy's and Daddy sleep together (advice is always welcome in this area from you who are experienced) AND Evan mooned me. I think this is just the beginning! I am not sure I am ready for next month. It seems that my house is shrinking more and more everyday, maybe we will move to a rent house sometime before the summer. We are still planning to come to Monroe the first two weeks of April to visit everyone and take some time to vacation. I hope everyone is doing well!

Richard's Southern Ruckus
David & Joey visited Caney with their girls... making sure to pitch in and help Mimi & Poppie with some things around the camp (see Mimi's note below for all the fun details).

In Lisa's Land
Daniel made it off to Iraq & he has started his own blog so you can follow him through this life-changing time.

Damion attended Austin's 10th birthday party at Laser Tag in Baton Rouge. He will be fine never attending one of those again!!! lol... Just kidding! Damion has been able to talk to Daniel through Facebook chat & Lisa is loving this technology. Daniel's first request was Tony's Chachere & Louisiana Hot Sauce... of course, his mom has already shipped it over!

Tiff is still babying & pampering Maggie... isn't Maggie lucky to have such an awesome mom?

Lori's Loopy Crew

Butch has finally accepted that deer season is over, but now looks forward to golf season. He has even begun to give lessons! (See pictures below.) Lori has been busy finalizing the school yearbook... an undertaking she may or may not be regretting in future years to come. Emily has been acquiring many new clients to train at the gym and Ryan has started working with a job coach for employment. Crystal's oldest (Austin) celebrated his 10th birthday at Laser Tag. She is forever indebted to Mimi, Poppie, & Damion for joining them there!!! Jessica's oldest (Caroline) celebrated her 8th birthday. She also met with her physician to discuss getting an insulin pump.... exciting news for her.

On Norris Lane With Lolli (aka Leslie)

Here is an update from Leslie on her crew:

Les & Leslie (aka Lolli & Pops) are so enjoying this new role as grandparents - yes, we are suckers for Cameron! Her small vocabulary has expanded to whispering "pop-pop-pop" and she sparkles at his sight. We are still working on a major bathroom project and have an unending list of to-dos that are overwhelming - part of the charm of living in our childhood home. Jamie & Brian are making big plans for Mardi Gras in N.O. in their "new" travel trailer. Shelby is growing up fast and quite a beautiful young lady. Her latest project is coming up with a costume for Buster (their Bassett Hound) to be in the Barkus & Meoux Mardi Gras Parade in 2 weeks, she is so excited. Jamie is chairing a committee to build an animal shelter and getting lots of public exposure on the TV and newspaper. Jenny & Corey are becoming floor monitors - Cameron is scooting around everywhere and putting everything she find in her mouth - just like her Mom - who ate 2 pennies in her first year, twice requiring surgery! Corey's tow boat has spent lots of time stuck in the icy waters of North America - providing some very interesting video opportunities. Megan is back in school at Tech and thrilled! It's been a long time coming and we're proud of her for getting back into it. Julie is experiencing a perk of working for an orthodontist - she's in braces for the 3rd time but this time they are clear and free!! She's certainly enjoying the single life and has been very, very busy. Austin is going to be joining the workforce in Oklahoma - we're hoping he lands a job doing something he enjoys.

Lydia's Lucky Photo Club

Lydia helped to orchestrate a very special birthday for Mimi this year... recreating Mimi & Poppie's first date! There will be a special blog posted just for that, so stay tuned!

Here is an update from Lydia on the Maxwell household:
Megan is taking a much needed break! She's only taking one night class this semester. Having two little ones, going to school, plus work has proven to be quite tiring! But, she's hanging in there!

Trey is still in the process of buying his house. It has been quite difficult trying to get all the paper work done in the time he is home from offshore. His efficient lawyer has the ball rolling, though, so hopefully he will be in the house before long. His mom had a picture to post of him signing some of the papers with their neighbor's son, but apparently Trey got a hold of the camera and deleted them before his mom could post them! Though they definitely need the room, Honey is not looking forward to redoing his room for Gracie!

"The Girls" are growing! Gabi has actually caught up with her big sister -- they weigh the same now! They have followed in their mother's footsteps (who had 5 sets of tubes) and have had continuous ear problems. The ENT has actually scheduled a duel surgery and will put tubes in BOTH of their ears at the same time. What fun that will be!! But hopefully it will be a halt to the WEEKLY doctor visits!

James and Lydia did something very unexpected. They attended the concert of the 1950's group "The Platters." Everyone was up dancing in the aisles and even James got up and danced! Not really! We would all fall out if that ever happened!

And last, but definitely not least, here are a few words from the two who are to blame for this crazy crew!! :-) Mimi sends in her updates , but I refuse to change the words or anything about it..... no need to mess with the words of the Matriarch! :-)

Mimi & Poppie

I'll just tell you this one, but I'm sure you have already heard that Daniel did finally make it to Iraq. He had quite a few days in Kuwait before he was finally sent to Iraq. Now comes the struggle to see if he can see Michael before he leaves for home. They made contact through email, & are supposed to try & get together in a couple of days. Let's hope they have a short reunion over there & get to give each other some good ole Poche bear hugs before Michael leaves for the states. But, of course, still high on Stephanie's & our priority list is for Michael to get home just as soon as he can.

We have another celebrity in our family. Jamie Chelette was interviewed by Channel 3, a Shreveport television station. She was recently selected as the spokesperson in DeSoto Parish in their efforts to get an Animal Shelter in their area. She has done a lot of leg work gathering information that she & her committee presented to the Police Juror. As a result they are voting to appropriate $700,000 to the project. Go. Jamie!! Who knows where all of this publicity & accomplishments will lead her. We may have a politician in our mist some day. We are proud of you!!

David & Joey, & Madison & Chloe came out & spent a long weekend with us. It was so nice to see all of them for such an extended visit. Poppie especially enjoyed all the help that David gave him while he was here. He took care of quite a few jobs & repairs & he & Joey even put all the Christmas decorations back up in the attic for us. That is a big ordeal for both of us, so we really appreciated that. It wasn't all work, we did take time to go a movie, & saw Bedtime Stories, & the girls got to ride the new carousel at the mall. It was fun. Hope they come back again soon.

For those of you who weren't here for my 78th birthday party, you missed spending a fun time with a lot of loving family. It was a day I will long remember.

Due to the great response of pics from your families during January, there will be a post dedicated just to the pics from the past month!! Thanks for the response and keeping your loved ones posted on the comings and goings of you & yours. Hope you all have a month filled with love, laughter, and no regrets!

So, Poche clan, keep on keepin' until next month!!!!

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